The Book

bw-book-coverSheep have been disappearing from the flock outside Warmbriar. There’s a Stranger in town and whispers of beasts in the Bloodwood. Young Pilcrow is determined to find out what’s happening.

Pilcrow’s search brings him from the top of sleepy Tawidge Chapel, high above town, to the crypts far underground; from cozy Warmbriar to the busy streets and university halls of Dunboven; from pastoral meadows and hills to a shadowed ravine deep in the woods.

Along the way, he discovers a book — Benjamin Weatherby’s Practical Bestiary — which promises to unlock the secret. But can he trust what it says? Will he discover the truth before it’s too late?

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The Illustrations

Throughout Benjamin Weatherby’s Practical Bestiary are blank pages with captions at the bottom. Reader, these are for you. They are empty canvases waiting for you to fill them.

This story cannot come to life — the book isn’t complete — without your help. Who wants a book without pictures? No one, that’s who.

We want to see your drawings. When you’re done with your illustrations, snap a photo of the page, then submit your artwork. (If you need to, first get a parent’s help and permission.) We’ll add your artwork to an online collection, post it on social media and share it with others.

Sharpen your pencils and get to work!

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What readers are saying

I loved my dad’s book! I love how much suspense there is. I give it an A, but not an A+.

Jackson Bishop Age 8 – Holland, Michigan

This is so delicious! I’m totally enthralled with the world you created and the characters in it. It has everything: wonderful descriptions – great atmosphere – transports me to the time and place – good imagery – plot – humor – fright – runes – history – bravery in the face of certain death – Latin!  I love it!

Linda Bareman, Grownup and avid reader